Saint Pishoy

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Saint Pishoy

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The great Saint Abba Pishoi was born in the village of "Shinsha" in the "Menoufia" Province of
Egypt, in the year 320 A.D. His parents were devout and righteous abounding in every good work.
Pishoi was the youngest of seven brothers. While still in his childhood, his father departed to
Paradise leaving his mother to look after the seven children.
One night, his mother saw a vision; an Angel of the Lord standing before her and saying:
"The Lord sayeth give me one of thy children that he may serve me all the days of his life". The mother
Answered saying: "Behold, all my children are before thee, choose whomsoever pleased thee".
And The Angel stretched out his hand and touched the forehead of little Pishoy. Now Pishoi was of a lean
body, and the mother answered and said: "This is the weakest among them all, choose a stronger one
my Lord". But the Lord who searches the hearts and is no respecter of person has already chosen the
Blessed Pishoi to serve Him. than:

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