To be continue 3 Christianity and legislation.

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To be continue 3 Christianity and legislation.

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Christianity and legislation.
This does not mean it is against the age of man-made laws, but in the context of these generalities tolerant of each in the light of God's will and justice because it must obey God rather than human.
When Christianity was no system of slavery, but did not put the Christian laws prohibiting slavery such as texts written legal, but has developed a spirit of love, tolerance and equality, has been deepening, and fuel, and disseminated among the people so abolished the slave system jobs, not a revolution in legal texts elderly, but deterrent procedure and a sense of emotional In the beginning, and texts, if any, later, adapted and deterrence emanating from this procedure and a sense of empathy.
And in support of this view we see the Apostle Paul confirms this spirit in his letter to Philemon, who escaped from slave Onestimus which he says.
I appeal to you for my son Onestimus whom I have begotten while in my chains. Who once was unprofitable to you, and to me!. I am sending him back.”You therefore receive him, that is my own heart, if then you count me as a partner receive him as you would me. (Philemon10:17)

In this spirit that Paul asked Philemon to accept a person not a slave brother later.
And so turned the Christian concepts, slave becomes a brother but a brother beloved, and abolished the implied authority to sell or kill human slave slavery because it has become a free brother loved and equal in the concept of the people all of the people, strongly he or weak, rich or poor, master of important or people and lowly, a king or an ordinary human being, man or woman. Everyone is equal, and everyone carries the spirit of man and his God-given equal Highness is in front of the Creator God and him back and he alone judged. No wonder that this apologetic justification for the emperors to consider the Christian revolution, but a massive revolution must be suppressed, combat and eradicate it and its proponents.

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